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Oakley Women's OO9158 URGENCY Purple / Pink

Model: Oakley 4818
$160.00  $14.99
Save: 91% off

Oakley Women's OO9158 URGENCY Purple / Pink

(16) Model: Oakley 4818

$160.00  $14.99
Save: 91% off
$160.00  $14.99
Save: 91% off

Active women crave challenges, excitement, and just plain fun. Oakley evolved in the youth culture of action sports, serving and inspiring free spirits who define their own lifestyle. That's why we have unique insights into today's active girl, and why we can fuel her aspirations by bridging the gap between performance and style.
Oakley Women's OO9158 URGENCY Purple / Pink

I am changing this review to 5 stars. Amazon credited my return immediately, and also changed the description on the website to make it accurate. Awesome turn-around time guys. Hopefully that helps avoid the returns etc from unhappy customers.

---original review below----
Strike two for trying to buy Oakley from Amazon...

These are the correct frame, but the lenses are not polarized. When I received the glasses I didnt se "POLARIZED" on the lenses. Thinking they my have changed the design for this idiation of Cosshair, I brought my glasses to the Oakley Store to confirm. RESULT: They most definitely are NOT Polarized, as advertised on Amazon. The whole reason for spending extra $$ is to get Polarized lenses. The polished chrome/polarized VR-28 lens isnt even offered, unless I order the Plaintiffs. I may just do that, once this gets straightened out. ----Directly from Oakley store that is

I will re-rate depending on how the return process goes.

Date Added: by 44feelin28

I am totally pleased.

Date Added: by Steve Williams

Cool- as expected!

Date Added: by Sigurd Harsheim

Vinieron en perfecto estado, tal cual los escog

Date Added: by Ricardo Mujica

I love them! Stays on your head and keeps the sun out!

Date Added: by bpkep

Using it everyday

Date Added: by Benjamin Nguyen

The prizm lens is so next level compared to my polarized oakley bottle rocket sunglasses. Amazing clarity! Unfortunately it isnt for me because the shape just looks dumb on me...kind of an 80s look imo. I still had to give it 5 stars for the quality and lens.

Date Added: by smiles

Muy lindos cumplen con todo lo ofrecido por el proveedor, manejan buen tiempo de entrega, muy buen servicio y calidad.

Date Added: by Bonnie Paola Montealegre Henao

Nice fit, husband loved them.

Date Added: by V#6



Absolutely love my new Oakleys!

Date Added: by Chelsea McGuyre

Very happy,hope they get the Oakley approval from my husband..

Date Added: by Jeanetta C.


Date Added: by DC

love my new oakleys

Date Added: by Larry R.

If youre looking to buy these, you already know what youre getting into. I love them and have owned, like, four pairs of Oakley Frogskins. These clear ones look great if you know how to pull them off!

Date Added: by Devin Feldman

Love these, they look great and are great for the price

Date Added: by Benjamin Molongoski

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