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Oakley Women's OO4062 DAISY CHAIN Gold / Brown

Model: Oakley 4817
$160.00  $14.99
Save: 91% off

Oakley Women's OO4062 DAISY CHAIN Gold / Brown

(18) Model: Oakley 4817

$160.00  $14.99
Save: 91% off
$160.00  $14.99
Save: 91% off

Daisy Chain puts a new twist on the classic teardrop silhouette. The ultra lightweight frame links to the stems via a woven icon that/#39;s unmistakably Oakley. You/#39;re always ready to take off in style with this gold frame and brown, gradient lenses. Own the mixed material look.
Oakley Women's OO4062 DAISY CHAIN Gold / Brown

Love them!

Date Added: by Charles Overton

My grandson will love these for his birthday.

Date Added: by Angelo

nice quality fast shipping

Date Added: by Bill Oxner

Great looking glasses.

Date Added: by R---DLV

Bought my husband a pair and he loved them. Bought 2nd pair for my BRO for Christmas and they were a hit.

Date Added: by Boymommy

I had laser eye surgery years ago. I was told I should wear sunglasses to protect my eyes. I dont mind paying extra for the polarized lens as I get view than the standard lens. Oakley is the only brand sunglasses I wear now.

Date Added: by Daniel Villaflores

Great price! Great product!!!

Date Added: by Thomas S.

Great product

Date Added: by Frank

Great sunglasses. My second pair. Fast shipping, thank you

Date Added: by Steven Somerville

Love these shades, and the fact they fit my big fat face. They are a nice retro look with a modern rendition. Bravo Oakley!

Date Added: by S. M.

I have 2 other pairs of Oakley sunglasses. These are a great quality for the price. I would recommend them.

Date Added: by Kendrick Lucas

Make sure you purchase from Amazon because there is less chance of receiving a fake pair. Mine are real and look exactly like the glasses in the Oakley Store. Moreover, the glasses come with a soft case ($25 sold separately) which is rare for Oakley. The optical quality is fantastic with no visual distortion. The glasses grip my head even when Im sweating. I swapped-out the ear socks for a black color and it looks a little better than all red.

Im not thrilled with the Oakley Black Prizm Daily Polarized Iridium lenses and really liked the old-style Black Polarized (non-Prizm) lenses better. Oakley states that with Prizm Daily Polarized, dull colors become warm and rich for sharper contrast and a more pleasing, relaxing visual experience. However, I find that colors become too muted and too dull. Uses for this lens are: Everyday, Running and Driving.

Colors looked more natural with the older Black Iridium Polarized lens. Oakley constantly reinvents itself; sometimes for the worse. I do love the other Prizm colors like Jade. However, the lens color does not change my review. You can always substitute your lenses later as the frame allows you to remove and add lenses with ease. These glasses are five-star quality - especially with the case included and at the current price of under $130.

Date Added: by RSB

I started wearing these while I was in the USMC because they are one of the few pairs of glasses that could be worn in uniform. That being said, Im out now but I still only buy these glasses. Very comfortable, very sturdy, and well priced for Oakley. My 14 month old twins constantly play with them, they have not been able to break a pair yet. The only reason Ive have to buy 6 was because one I drove over with a truck (cant expect em to survive that) and lost 2 over the years, and now I have 3 different color frames, lenses and one of them with polarized lenses. Just a warning to those thinking about polarization. Oakley has great pole lenses, which is awesome, but sucks when trying to read anything digital. I use the pole glasses only when Im on the water or mountain. Usually a brand new pair creaks and moans when you first open them up, but this goes away after a couple days.

Date Added: by Dangerfloof

Good product. Delivered as promised.

Date Added: by Shawn

This sunglasses fit very well. I had a other kind of a Oakley and didnt like them, this one is perfect for me I love it

Date Added: by Adan Miramontes

Finally decided to replace my 8 year old Flak Jackets. The finish had started to wear after all the years. I didnt hesitate a second to purchase another pair. I am even tempted to buy another just in case in another 8+ years they dont make this model anymore. Incredibly comfortable long lasting frames with interchangeable lenses for when you scrape them too much. Great buy.

Date Added: by Christopher H

These were shipped and received in great condition. I liked the glasses for my husband but am not so sure he likes them. I should have exchanged them.

Date Added: by Texangirl72

Fastly shipped and was everything mentioned in the description.

Date Added: by justbombs

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