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OO9096-02 fuel cell brown smoke bronze

Model: Oakley 4825
$179.00  $14.99
Save: 92% off

OO9096-02 fuel cell brown smoke bronze

(14) Model: Oakley 4825

$179.00  $14.99
Save: 92% off
$179.00  $14.99
Save: 92% off

  • Lens shape STANDARD
  • Frame color BROWN SMOKE
  • Lens color DARK BRONZE
  • Fit Standard
  • SKU OO9096-02

OO9096-02 fuel cell brown smoke bronze

I love them!!

Date Added: by Aldonova1

Awesome glasses! Just what i was specting for, excelent product and quality

Date Added: by OSCAR GARCIA

thought i should purchase these while they are still available, like the wrap around styling, and the color. happy with the purchase

Date Added: by sdjames

Great fit, great lenses. I expect nothing less from Oakley...

Date Added: by PaulC


Date Added: by martin ricardo vega

Love these shades, and the fact they fit my big fat face. They are a nice retro look with a modern rendition. Bravo Oakley!

Date Added: by S. M.

I had these sunglasses before and unfortunately I lost them. I had to order myself another pair! - I Love these even more as Im noticing Oakley upgraded the design.

Date Added: by K.Earley

My favorite shades so far, Im on my third pair.

Date Added: by Rusman66

I had many pairs of these years ago and always liked them. Glad to see them on amazon. I have enjoyed them again. They provide good glare protection and look sharp.

Date Added: by Marc C Porter

These things are so freaking amazing, its hard to describe how much you wont want to use anything else...

The polarized lenses seriously limit the glare and sparkle of everyday sunny areas. They do, however, add interesting polarized/rainbow patterns to certain objects, like car windows, plastic covers on radios and phones, uh, iPhones with tempered glass screen protectors... Takes some getting used to when you see that, but the benefits immensely outweigh the silly patterns that show up.

Would totally recommend to anyone who wants to look like a contractor, or those of us who like not being blinded by everyones shiny cars.

Date Added: by kayla

The bomb!

Date Added: by judith newell

I work outside landscaping and there is no better product for you eyes. Great in the shade or in full sun the polarized HD quality is the best!

Date Added: by Ryan

Awesome pair of sunglasses! They fit and look great! The polarized lenses really reduce the glare from sunlight. I like how sturdy the frame feels and I can see alot of thought went into the design of it. Now all I have to do is not loose them!!!

Date Added: by Eric R

Great glasses. Smoke brown.

Date Added: by Jeff P.

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