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OO2035-02 changeover mademoiselle vr50 brown gradient

Model: Oakley 4824
$165.00  $14.99
Save: 91% off

OO2035-02 changeover mademoiselle vr50 brown gradient

(19) Model: Oakley 4824

$165.00  $14.99
Save: 91% off
$165.00  $14.99
Save: 91% off

  • Lens shape STANDARD
  • Frame color MADEMOISELLE
  • Lens color VR50 BROWN GRADIENT
  • Fit Standard
  • SKU OO2035-02

OO2035-02 changeover mademoiselle vr50 brown gradient

sooo awesome

Date Added: by YKim

Hubby was thrilled to get these for his bday. Price was right on and hell never know I got them on the CHEAP! Movie star status!

Date Added: by MamaT

My husband loves them.

Date Added: by Jude G.

Best Oakley shades I have ever bought

Date Added: by Kaleb C.

Great Glasses! Outstanding clarity

Date Added: by C. Wolfe

Great glasses. Smoke brown.

Date Added: by Jeff P.

These sunglasses are exactly what I wanted and Im very pleased with the fasting shipping and affordable price.

Date Added: by Bryan Thornton

Very cool and priced right on Amazon. I might not wear this color scheme to work but to run in, or wear to the game, or ride my bike, they are great. I have some black Flak Jackets as well and like them but saw these on Amazon for far less money. The only difference seems to be the color. I have had these for 2-3 months now and no complaints. I also like that they fit well under my motorcycle helmet and stay in place when I ride.

Date Added: by spikedirt

If youre looking to buy these, you already know what youre getting into. I love them and have owned, like, four pairs of Oakley Frogskins. These clear ones look great if you know how to pull them off!

Date Added: by Devin Feldman

For the price is amazing the comfort and quality that Oakley offers i love Oakley i have 3 more pair of different models of Oakley

Date Added: by Juan Manuel Alava Yannuzzelli

My son loves them

Date Added: by Jeanine Shepard

This is my second pair of Bottle Rockets. I got the first pair about 2 and half years ago and I have beat them up pretty good. There still wearable just scratched up more than I like. The lens are crystal clear, I made the mistake of letting my wife wear them and now she wants a pair. For the money I dont there is a better deal.

Date Added: by MountainMonkey

Anything from Oakley is most likely going to be of the highest quality in my opinion. These are no exception. The quality of materials is outstanding, and the construction is excellent. For those unfamiliar, Oakley uses a rubber compound in ear socks and nose pads that seems to grip fantastically, even when perspiring. These totally stay put through vigorous activity. I love the curve of the shield, and the iridium coating is great. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable. The 3 point fit is very effective for me without any uncomfortable pressure. There is absolutely zero distortion in the shield, and it is crystal clear. I wear Oakley prescription sunglasses when driving, so I use these for sun and impact protection while mowing, trimming, etc. These are 100% authentic.

Date Added: by Mac Allan

Very nice sunglasses would buy them again if needed!!!!

Date Added: by Jeff Betke

Easily the best pair of sunglasses I own. Not much I have to say about these. They are simply good reliable sunglasses. They may be a little small though if you have a bigger nose.

Date Added: by Josh M

They are light, the optical quality is flawless, they look great, people give me compliments on them, they wrap around a little so you get excellent peripheral vision. Yeah, I dig them.

Date Added: by MC

These are great for me. The lenses are a little large but they wrap a little. The thing I like most is the way Oakley did they lenses, they block sun glare but you can read your phone without reliving them.

Date Added: by Joe Rush

I love them...For its price this is Great choice belive me...Stylish and not ordinary sunglases :-)It could be better to get them with case,but...Any case they look great for me :-)

Date Added: by Vasil Odishvili

First got a pair of these almost ten years ago and theyre still going strong. Decided to get the same pair in another color, same fit and comfort!

Date Added: by Mikemosun

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