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Model: Oakley_39101
$110.00  $15.99
Save: 85% off


(18) Model: Oakley_39101

$110.00  $15.99
Save: 85% off
$110.00  $15.99
Save: 85% off

Plutonite Lenses offer top UV Protection filtering 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm.
Patented High Definition Optics (HDO) provides superior optical clarity and razor-sharp vision at every angle
O-Matter stress-resistant frame material is both lightweight and durable for all-day comfort and protection

Great for golfing, takes the glare away

Date Added: by Husker Dave

I like em. Fit is good. Just as advertised.

Date Added: by Dan Hover

Very happy.

Date Added: by Joe Davis

i bought this sunglasses because i had one and get robe... this are awesome looking and i love it. thanks

Date Added: by Johnny

My pair didnt make it to the mail box but my buddies did and they are very similar except for color and when amazon gives me my refund for me not getting mine imma go to a Oakleys store and get me one or buy a set off of one of my friends other than that I recommend these for anyone who like fancy sleek sun glasses that are made in America

Date Added: by Chuckie L.

These have definitely become my go-to set of glasses, replacing a really well loved pair that finally got dinged up enough I had to reluctantly find a replacement. I spent a little more time trying to find the right glasses than I care to admit before finding these, and Ive been very happy and have no regrets. I ended up with the Livestrong version, and the yellow bands on the side and the shaped bottoms of the lenses add some style without being too obvious or garish.

The great optics and light fit are the real selling points. Oakley has tremendous quality in their optics, and Im very pleased with their performance in all manner of light conditions, from being on open water to sunny days in the mountains. No distortion in the lenses, and they have a very wide field of view. One other thing that is very positive is how they fit - they sit lightly on my face and it is easy to forget they are on. There is abundant airflow, so heat build up behind the frame is minimal and I havent had any fogging issues. The only minor downside is that they feel a little weak; not exactly cheap, but the hinges feel a bit sticky and the light plastic frame (which is great to wear) feels a bit fragile. Im presuming that this is a trade-off that Oakley makes to ensure that the frames are light and stay in place, and Im overall very happy with their design choices - they never slide off the face or come loose by the ears, and the temples are very comfortable.

These might cost a bit more than an average good quality pair of glasses, but they are worth it - they look great, are really comfortable and have high quality lenses.

Date Added: by Scott Miller

I normally wouldnt spend this much on glasses but I havent lost a pair in a long time so I got these.
They provide great sun coverage and also dont block too much light when the sun goes down.
They fit great and are very light but built very well.

Date Added: by BGreen

Fit is very comfortable and the lenses are what you expect from Oakley. You pay for them but you also get high quality.

Date Added: by Richard Binder

2nd pair, lightest, most comfortable sunglasses Ive ever had

Date Added: by Dave Martin

Excellent product!!!!!

Date Added: by YSRAEL MERCADO PN35095

I AM A BIG Hawkeye fan and so the color scheme of the frame works well for my favorite college team

Date Added: by Doc V

gooood!!! thx^^

Date Added: by dooyoung

awesome lightweight sunglasses. popped in prescription lenses, and good to go!

Date Added: by cutter23

Glasses arrived quickly. Love the clean,sharp look.

Date Added: by Jody Davidson

Excellent! I recommend it

Date Added: by Santiago Vera

My husband races his laser sailboat and has always bought cheap 20$ sunglasses that dont always fit well. He needs glasses that will stay put while he is out on the water, so for fathers day we bought him these sunglasses and he is in love with them! These fit him very well and the clarity is amazing.

Date Added: by Jennifer117

My son loves them

Date Added: by Jeanine Shepard

They are perfect!

Date Added: by Kerry Colley

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