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Model: Oakley 1546
$178.00  $14.99
Save: 92% off


(21) Model: Oakley 1546

$178.00  $14.99
Save: 92% off
$178.00  $14.99
Save: 92% off

Oakley Crosslink™ is a new category of ophthalmic frames with a true crossover design that lets you go from work to play without missing a beat. This sleek and modern look matches Oakley performance innovation with a comfortable fit, worthy of your favorite everyday prescription glasses. Crosslink™ takes you anywhere with originality and style, and it has the performance you need if sports and fitness are part of your week.

New and improved adjustable, interchangeable wire core temples
Comfort and performance of Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment
Unobtainium® nosepads and earsocks for no slip grip
Constructed of lightweight, durable O Matter™ material which is 25% lighter and 2x stronger than acetate
Refer to size chart for Eye Size to Face Size relation
Base curve: 6 Base



Date Added: by reny rodriguez

very good~

Date Added: by Oh Sangho

Love them! Fit great and I have a big head! Lol

Date Added: by michael stokes

Ive been buying Oakley sunglasses for 10yrs even got issued a few in the military. Ive even bought Oakleys that werent the ones i wanted because the pics on the website werent very good few years ago, but I must say even those are comfortable and are the BEST sunglasses you can buy! Well worth the money! OBTW I still have every pair ever bought or issued too! So theres ur durability!

Date Added: by JT

I recently purchased Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses last spring to be worn for my job. I am an agronomist so I work in the fields from sun up to sun down. I was required to wear glasses for my personal safety at all times. These sunglasses were great! I wore them beginning during planting season and they were still in pristine condition when it was time to harvest. I was required to wear glasses for my personal safety at all times. Since I was wearing them so often, I realized how durable the glasses were. I have dropped and bent these glasses multiple times, yet they still have not broken or scratched. I never thought one pair of sunglasses would last me the entire summer and look as if they were brand new.
I have bought many sunglasses throughout my life but none of my previous glasses compare to these. I used to play baseball and I had problems with almost every pair I owned. The lenses would fall out, the lenses would get scratched or the glasses would break off during the middle of the game. This was very inconvenient. If I would have had these same glasses back while I was playing baseball, I can guarantee you that I would not have had any of these problems.
Although these glasses have been a wonderful purchase, every once in a while the glasses would fog up if it was hot outside. If I took them off and simply wiped off the lenses, the glasses were good to go. Besides the glasses fogging up on occasion, the glasses were perfect!
I am writing this review to help other buyers chose sunglasses that are good for someone who works hard and wears sunglasses almost all day. These glasses are for anyone that is in the market for a well-made pair of sun glasses. This particular model comes in nonpolarized and polarized. This model also comes in a plethora of frame colors. The buyer has the opportunity to pick certain options such as those listed above in order to make each pair unique to the person wearing them.
If you want to own a fashionable, durable, and functional pair of glasses I highly recommend the Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses! If you buy these glasses, you won

Date Added: by Mike..So. Cal.

Good fit, clear vision reduces glare and UV

Date Added: by Robin Lynch

Hubby loves

Date Added: by Moto-x Mom

Awesome product, awesome price.Oakley never dissapoints.

Date Added: by Garfield O'Toole

Very comfortable, perfectly fit. I really love the design and the color combination of the frame. The iridium works well in our weather in Asia..

Date Added: by Patrick of CCL

Great buy.

Date Added: by Lee Dalton Cook

After buying a pair of the Oakley Frogskins lx sunglasses, I soon realized that they were far too big for my face. They kept sliding off if I looked down, and I certainly couldnt flip them up atop my head if needed either because of how large they were. A friend of mine had a pair of the original frogskins, and I tried them on and found they fit my face much better than the lx did. That is how I came to purchase these original frogskin glasses. I couldnt be happier with my decision, as they fit my face quite well and allow me to look around without sliding off my nose and hitting the ground. The lenses are great and block out sun even on the sunniest days at the beach. Ive always been a fan of Oakley, and this purchase just made me love them more. Great product.

Date Added: by Stephanie M.

Very satisfied

Date Added: by michael quigley

I bought these for my boyfriend who is a ray ban snob.. Ha! He looked amazing in them! He loved them as well. He said they are nice and dark and keep the light out good. Im slowly turning him to the Oakley side. Hes getting a different style Oakley for Christmas. Delivered fast and on time!

Date Added: by KrissyV

I absolutely love these glasses. The root beer/brown/bronze lens by itself cuts down on the glare, increases contrast as well as color. The polarized lenses here in the Seattle area are a God send. Ive used mine as safety glasses for working in the yard, the shop, shooting range, biking, boating, etc. Theyve saved my eyes a few time in the yard and at the range. I ended up buying a pair of full frame Oakleys so I could use them more places as safety glasses. I love my Oakleys, they go everywhere I go from dawn to dusk every time. You can mess with this cowboys hat (Chris LeDoux reference) but dont mess with my Oakleys.

Date Added: by nom de plume

I expected a great pair of sunglasses and thats exactly what I received. They came in a day earlier than the earliest projected delivery date, so thats always a plus. Very comfortable and form fitting shades. The packaging was a little beat up but the glasses themselves didnt have a scratch or mark on them.

Date Added: by Mark D. Bentley

Great looking glasses, fit well and always been an Oakley fan.

Date Added: by Cole

Excellent glasses.

Date Added: by Richard Komm

Next time I will consider a polarized pair. I had a polarized pair from another brand, and had a had time seeing my phone screen, so I shied away. Since then i have tried a pair of Oakley polarized and did not have the same problem. My head is small/medium and these glasses fit well and are comfortable. very happy with them. I am ready to start my midlife crises now.

Date Added: by David

I bought mine at an Oakley store where it was easier to customize (select frame color first, then whatever lens color/style you want), but as long as you find a frame/lens combo you like here, youre golden. Theyre very lightweight and sporty/stylish. The polarized lenses are a must. Price is a bit high, but youre paying for the brand.

Date Added: by noyb

I love these lenses because they make the world jump to life rather than blunt your perception like dark lenses. The polarized coating is top notch. I can see sun beams bending around clouds with these on. Its pretty remarkable when you think about it. Sort of like trading eyes with a mantis shrimp.

Date Added: by B

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